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Ohio businesses to lawmakers: Strengthen standards for renewable energy and efficiency

Nine businesses that collectively employ more than 25,000 people in Ohio are urging state lawmakers to reinstate and strengthen Ohio’s standards on energy efficiency and renewables.
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BOSTON Oct 25, 2016

Nine businesses that collectively employ more than 25,000 people in Ohio are urging state lawmakers to reinstate and strengthen Ohio’s standards on energy efficiency and renewables.

Campbell Soup Company, Clif Bar & Company, Gap Inc., JLL, Nestlé, Owens Corning, Schneider Electric, United Technologies and Whirlpool Corporation are calling on lawmakers to reinstate Ohio’s clean energy standards. The request comes as lawmakers are currently debating the future of Ohio’s energy standards, which shape everything from where Ohio’s electricity comes from to how much that energy will cost and what services utility companies will offer to customers.  Lawmakers are expected to vote on proposals in the days following the election.

“Now is the time for lawmakers to strengthen Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards,” said Alli Gold Roberts, policy manager at Ceres and one of the organizers of the business group. “These standards are good for business, and failing to reinstate them will send the wrong signal to companies and investors throughout the state.”

Two years ago, Ohio launched an experiment on energy policy, becoming the first state to freeze its energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. The freeze has been in place ever since. State lawmakers, with Senate Bill 320 and other proposals, are debating what to do once the freeze expires at the end of the year.

Supporters of the freeze, which began in 2014, said Ohio needed a chance to reevaluate whether the standards were working. Since then, a wealth of new data has become available—almost all of it showing the standards’ effectiveness.

While the energy standards were in place:


During the freeze on the energy standards:


All of the businesses in the coalition released their own statements about the standards. Those statements can be read below.

“We urge Ohio’s leaders to lift the state’s freeze on the renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. Continuing to undo smart clean energy policies won’t help us build a stronger Ohio for tomorrow. Campbell remains supportive of removing barriers and promoting incentives for low carbon energy options. We believe renewable energy and energy efficiency are good for the environment and good for business. The solar project on Campbell’s Napoleon, OH site is expected to save $4 million and eliminate 250,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas over the purchase agreement’s 20-year period.”

Dave Stangis, Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company

Ohio Locations: Cincinnati – Office, Columbus – Retail Store, Jeffersonville – Retail Store, Napoleon – Food Processing Plant, Westlake – Retail Store, Willard – Manufacturing Plant


“Clif Bar opposes Ohio’s current freeze on renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. As a company that loves the outdoors, we understand that clean, renewable energy is good for people and the planet. We also know that it’s good business to run a green business. We use 100% green power in our Clif Bar bakeries and headquarters, and are committed to 50% or more green power within our supply chain by 2020. With facilities in Ohio, we hope to see legislators reinstate the state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.”

Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Stewardship, Clif Bar & Company

Ohio Locations: Cincinnati – Office


“The time to act is now. We urge leaders in Ohio to lift the freeze on the state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. Clean energy policies are smart and will build a stronger and more resilient Ohio. As a company with a large presence in the state, energy efficiency and renewable energy is important to our business and our future. We’ve set an ambitious goal to reduce our GHG emissions by 50% by 2020, and we encourage Ohio’s leaders to help us all move toward a clean energy future.”

Christina Nicholson, Director Environmental Impact, Gap Inc.

Ohio Locations: Grove City – Office, Groveport – Distribution Center and Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta Retail Stores across the state


“At JLL we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions because it helps our bottom line and our planet. That’s why we call on Ohio lawmakers to pass common sense legislation that will reinstate Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. We want to see a future where the built environment has a positive impact on the places and cities in which we live and work. To help get us there, we continuously embed sustainability and energy efficiency into our business, and support clean energy policies that send a strong market signal to the private sector.” Bob Best, Head of JLL Energy and Sustainability Services.”

Bob Best, Head of JLL Energy and Sustainability Services, JLL

Ohio Locations: Offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus (x2)


"As a major manufacturing company in Ohio, we rely on clean energy to reduce costs and lower our carbon emissions. We’ve set ourselves clear targets to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all of our manufacturing operations. We‘re making good progress and our support of policies that encourage the transition toward a low carbon economy helps us, and other companies, to continually improve our environmental performance. We know this is also important to many of our consumers and we strongly believe that lifting the freeze on Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards is good for the environment and good for business, as well as the state’s economy and the people who call it home.”

Paul Bakus, President, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé

Ohio Locations: Solon– Prepared Foods HQ, Manufacturing & Product Technology Center; Cleveland– Manufacturing; Marysville – Product Technology Center; Zanesville – Nestlé Purina Manufacturing; Hilliard  - Nestlé Waters Bottling Plant; Dublin – Food Quality Scientific Center


“As a large local and global electricity consumer, continuously seeking more sustainable energy supplies, we support immediately lifting the freeze on Ohio's energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. Additionally, Owens Corning is a market leader in manufacturing energy saving products and materials that enhance wind energy performance.  This uniquely positions us to speak to the energy savings, environmental impact and job-creating value of expanding the penetration of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Our recognition of renewable energy’s diverse value is also reflected in our actions. In 2015, Owens Corning announced that it had executed power supply agreements of newly installed capacity that represented, at the time, the largest wind power agreements reported by an industrial company in the world. That same day, Owens Corning dedicated a 2.4-megawatt solar parking lot canopy at the company’s headquarters in Toledo, the largest system of its kind in the Midwest. We support lifting the freeze.”

Frank O'Brien-Bernini, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Owens Corning

Ohio Locations: Owens Corning operates eight facilities in the state of Ohio, including our global business headquarters in Toledo, our global R&D headquarters in Granville, and six manufacturing operations around the state (Newark, Mt. Vernon, Medina, Tallmadge, Tiffin, Columbus).

"Energy efficiency proved to be an effective cost saving program for both residential and commercial customers in Ohio. Great progress has been made in growing Ohio's economy and creating local jobs, and yet the program had not come close to realizing its full potential before it was halted. Lifting Ohio's freeze on the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard will bring future benefits and cost reductions to Ohio consumers."

Trisha Knych, Vice President Government Relations & North America Communications, Schneider Electric

Ohio Locations: Oxford - Manufacturing; West Chester - Field Service; West Chester - Field Office; Kettering - Manufacturing; Broadview Heights - Field Service; Westerville - Field Office


"When we use energy more efficiently, we reduce costs, increase productivity and become more competitive. Annual electricity bills can be a significant cost to many businesses. Energy efficiency helps reduce those costs, and the benefits of efficiency compound across the supply chain. Ending the freeze on energy efficiency will allow Ohio to be more competitive in the global economy."

—     John Mandyck, Chief Sustainability Officer, United Technologies

Ohio Locations: Akron, Columbus, Dayton, Heath, Independence, Sharonville, Troy, Uniontown


“Whirlpool Corporation urges Ohio’s leaders to restore the state’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard and be proactive in supporting energy policies that promote affordability, reliability and protection of the environment. These priorities are a foundation for Ohio’s continued economic growth. As the number one major appliance manufacturer in the world, Whirlpool Corporation will continue to do its part by developing innovative resource-efficient appliances and by improving the environmental performance of our facilities.”

—    Jeff Noel, Corporate Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Whirlpool Corporation

Ohio Locations: Clyde (clothes washer manufacturing), Marion (clothes dryer manufacturing), Findlay (dishwasher manufacturing), Ottawa (freezer and ice maker manufacturing), Greenville (KitchenAid small appliance manufacturing), and Columbus (regional distribution center)