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Business Support for EPA Clean Power Plan Grows

In an unprecedented show of business support for tackling climate change, 365 companies and investors sent letters to more than two-dozen governors across the United States voicing support for the EPA Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and encouraging the states’ “timely finalization” of state implementation plans to meet the new standards.

Read the National Press Release

Read State Press Releases highlighting business support for EPA Clean Power Plan in the following states:

Download the Governor Letter with a list of all company and investor signatories.

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Business and Investor Quotes Supporting EPA Clean Power Plan:

“General Mills is committed to doing our part to tackle climate change and we fully support the effective implementation of the Clean Power Plan”, said Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer of General Mills.  “In particular, we applaud the efforts of our home state of Minnesota for the progress its energy officials are making in building a plan that will work cost-effectively for the families, farmers, municipalities and the business community alike”.

“Having access to clean energy choices, whether efficiency or renewable energy, helps us manage our energy related costs while also reducing our environmental impact,” said
Letitia Webster, senior director of global sustainability at VF Corporation, a North Carolina-based apparel company whose brands include The North Face, Timberland and Reef. “The Clean Power Plan will enable us to continue to invest in clean energy solutions and further advance our greenhouse gas reduction goals.” VF Corporation employs about 50,000 employees.

“Staples is actively committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and helping our customers do the same. It’s simply smart business”, said
Mark Buckley, Vice President of Environmental Affairs for Staples. “Implementation of the Clean Power Plan is key to enabling us to go further by providing more predictability and energy options."

"Climate change poses serious risks to financial markets and the U.S. economy.  At Calvert investments, we believe the solutions to climate change offer real opportunities to U.S. investors and companies,” said Stu Dalheim, Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy, Calvert Investments. "That’s why we strongly support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. It’s common-sense, flexible and pragmatic approach will provide investors with the certainty needed to put their capital to work and continue the transition to a low carbon economy."

"By providing investors with more stable incentives, the President’s Clean Power Plan represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate a just transition away from fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy.” said New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

"At Brewery Vivant, we have a deep commitment to balancing the financial health of our business with our impact on the natural environment and our community," said Kris Spaulding, co-founder of Brewery Vivant. "We have worked to have all of our facilities 100% renewably powered through Consumer's Energy Green Generation program, and we are the first LEED Certified commercial microbrewery in the United States. We urge Michigan's leadership to make a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, starting with full implementation of the EPA's Clean Power Plan."

“North Carolina's abundance of clean energy resources was one of the reasons New Belgium chose to locate here,” said Jenn Vervier, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at New Belgium Brewing. “The Clean Power Plan presents an opportunity for the state to continue that leadership, and we support efforts by Gov. McCrory to develop a robust state implementation plan.”

"At Aspen Skiing Company, we are acutely aware of the threat that fossil fuel-induced climate change poses both to our industry, as well as to the planet more broadly," said Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company. "That's why we advocate so strongly for policies like the EPA Clean Power Plan. On our own, we've moved rapidly to slash our carbon footprint, including through increased investment in renewable power and energy efficiency projects. These measures are good both for the environment and also for our business, but they are not enough. We appreciate Colorado's willingness to proactively implement the EPA's Clean Power Plan goals for our state, and for the ski industry that draws so much investment and tourism here."

"At First Affirmative Financial Network, we strongly believe that investing in clean energy can deliver better investment performance for our clients while mitigating systemic risk," said Steven J. Schueth, President, First Affirmative Financial Network. "We hope that our home state of Colorado, a state with enormous wind and solar power potential, will work aggressively and quickly to implement the EPA's Clean Power Plan goals."

“Colorado's clean energy policy, such as the Renewable Energy Standard, has enabled New Belgium to take a leadership role in energy management in the energy-intensive brewing industry,” said Jenn Vervier, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at New Belgium Brewing. “The Clean Power Plan presents an opportunity for the state to continue that leadership, and we support Gov. Hickenlooper’s efforts in working to develop a robust state implementation plan.”

"At Calvert Investments, we believe strongly that a combination of market, technological and environmental forces are all inexorably pushing companies and governments towards the need for renewable and cleaner power sources,” said Stu Dalheim, Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy, Calvert Investments. “We are committed to supporting policies which make progress in that direction, including the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which will foster more rapid development of solar, wind and other clean energy sources in states like Ohio. We strongly encourage Ohio's leaders to embrace this plan and to implement it fully."

“Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard enabled Staples to construct one of the state’s largest solar arrays, 2.2 MW on our London, Ohio distribution center facility, saving us on our energy bills and lowering our carbon footprint," said Mark Buckley, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Staples, Inc. "Implementation of EPA’s Clean Power Plan is vital for Ohio to continue on this clean energy trajectory.”