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Companies Act on Climate

Climate Declaration companies are not just adding their logos, they are taking action and seizing the opportunity in tackling climate change. From supporting renewable energy standards at the state level, to advocating for carbon emission reductions nationally, Climate Declaration companies are walking the talk when it comes to advocating for innovative climate and energy policies in the U.S.

Renewables Wind and Solar

Supporting Renewable Energy

Climate Declaration signatories are leading the way on renewable energy purchases and usage, reducing their own carbon footprint while diversifying their energy mix and saving money on energy costs in the long term. Learn how these companies are reducing their carbon emissions and investing in their own energy future by embracing renewable energy opportunities. Learn more...

Capitol Hill Advocacy

Advocating for Climate and Energy Policies

On the Hill in Washington DC, Congress is taking note of the support that Climate Declaration companies have for climate-friendly policies. Beyond just signing the Climate Declaration, many signatory companies have been actively supporting climate and clean energy policies at the national, state and local level. From defending state renewable energy standards to supporting national carbon reductions, companies are making their voice heard on Capitol Hill. Learn more...

Energy Efficiency Bulbs

Investing in Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to combat climate change, and it's low-hanging fruit when it comes to reducing energy use and costs. Many Climate Declaration companies are investing in their own energy efficiency programs, to reduce their own climate impact as well as save money on energy costs. But they are also advocating for energy efficiency policies, to help make it easier for companies of all sizes to become more efficient energy users. Learn more...

Beer Barrel and Hops

Beer Industry Tackles Climate Change

The beer brewing industry is a major economic driver in America, and it is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Leading breweries are finding innovative ways to integrate sustainability into their business practices and finding economic opportunity through investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste recapture, and sustainable sourcing. Raise a pint and learn more...

Oregon Coast Cannon Beach

Oregon Companies Act On Climate

More than 200 Oregon businesses, including Adidas, eBay, Moda Health, NIKE, Inc. and Portland Trailblazers have signed the Climate Declaration since it launched in July 2014. Learn how these companies are creating a healthier climate and a stronger, more resilient economy in Oregon, by fostering innovation, advancing public health, spurring economic development through job creation and speeding technological advancement throughout the Northwest region. Read more...

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