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Climate Declaration Campaigns

The Climate Declaration has been signed by more than 1000 companies, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. All of these businesses, no matter the size or industry, know that tackling climate change is not only an economic imperative, it's the right thing to do. What makes sense for our planet, makes sense for our economy. To help highlight the business opportunities for different sectors, states and industries, Ceres and our BICEP members have launched multiple Climate Declaration campaigns. Learn more about how climate change can impact these businesses and communities and which companies are advocating for climate policy solutions in the highlights below.

Built Declaration Campaign Image

Building/Real Estate Declaration

The commercial and residential building sector accounts for 39% of carbon emissions in the United States per year, more than any other sector. By transforming the built environment to be more energy-efficient and climate-friendly, the building sector can play a major role in reducing the threat of climate change. Learn more

Beer Barrel and Hops

Brewery Declaration

The beer brewing industry is a major economic driver in America, and it is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Leading breweries are finding innovative ways to integrate sustainability into their business practices and finding economic opportunity through investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste recapture, and sustainable sourcing. Raise a pint and learn more...

Washington Mt Rainier

Washington Declaration

Following the Oregon Climate Declaration, Ceres continued its partnership with Northwest Business for Climate Action to launch a Washington Business Climate Declaration. More than 100 Washington companies including Microsoft, REI, Saltchuk, and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce have signed the Washington Business Climate Declaration, which includes a preamble calling for state and regional climate leadership. Learn more….

Oregon Coast Cannon Beach

Oregon Declaration

On the heels of the California Climate Declaration, Ceres teamed up with Northwest Business Climate Action to release the Oregon Business Climate Declaration. More than 200 Oregon businesses, including Adidas, eBay, Moda Health, NIKE, and the Portland Trail Blazers have signed the Climate Declaration since it launched in July 2014. Learn more...

California Golden Gate

California Declaration

The California Climate Declaration has been signed by more than 140 California Businesses, including Apple, Sungevity, The Walt Disney Company, Sapphire Energy and San Diego International Airport. California leads the nation in renewable energy development, with more than 43,700 jobs in 2012 in the solar industry and more than 7,000 jobs in the wind industry. Learn more...

Outdoor Industry Ski and Hike

Outdoor Industry Declaration

The outdoor industry is a sector that is vital to the American economy, providing more than 6.1 million jobs. As climate change threatens to alter our outdoor landscapes, seasons and natural resources, outdoor recreation companies are highlighting the need for innovative climate and energy policies by signing the Climate Declaration. Learn more...

Main Street USA Small Biz

Small Business Declaration

During Small Business Week in 2013, more than 350 American small businesses from 47 states and the District of Columbia signed the Climate Declaration, calling on U.S. policymakers to capture the American economic opportunities of addressing climate change. And dozens of small business leaders met with lawmakers to discuss the economic opportunities of tackling climate change. Learn more...


Ski Areas Declaration

Ski areas in the U.S. employ approximately 160,000 people and generate approximately $12.2 billion in annual revenue. But as climate change threatens ski seasons across the globe, U.S. ski areas are taking action to mitigate their own carbon footprint and manage resources more efficiently. They are also calling on Washington to take those strategies seriously through stronger policies. Learn more...

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