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Corporate Water Action


KB Home - Preview

KB Home Launches First-Ever Water Efficient Housing Development in San Diego

This summer KB Home unveiled a new housing development, the Sea Cliff community in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, that is the first in the nation to offer advanced on-site water recycling systems for "gray water" in each home. The gray water systems collect, treat, and reuse the water from bathtubs, sinks, and washing machines for gardens and lawns. Learn more...

Gap Window Display (sm)

Gap, Inc. Puts Water Conservation Front and Center

In California — as municipalities face mandatory water conservation measures and farmers tighten their belts — Gap Inc. have also launched a windows campaign at Banana Republic stores throughout California to bring greater awareness to environmental issues the facing the state and to educate their customers about the water conservation efforts. Learn more...

Waterless Jeans Levis (sm)

How Levi Strauss & Co. Saved 1 Billion Liters of Water

Recently LS&Co. announced that the company has saved one billion liters of water since 2011 through it's Water<Less process, which reduces the water used in garment finishing by up to 96%. To put that into perspective, one billion liters of water is equivalent to 165 million toilet flushes, or 10.56 million 10-minute showers, or 3.9 million bath tubs. Read more...

Double ZeroHome

Homebuilder KB Home Unveils Water and Energy Efficient Housing

Unveiled by homebuilder giant KB Home in February, the Double ZeroHouse is so highly energy and water efficient it uses zero electricity from the grid and less than half the water of an average home. The Double ZeroHouse is emblematic of the type of water conserving innovations that are springing up in the Antelope Valley, where water has been a precious commodity since long before the drought now gripping California. Read more...

 Berry Farm

Berry giant Driscoll's joins effort to conserve water in California's Central Coast

Three years before the California drought became a national crisis, national berry giant Driscoll's, on the state’s Central Coast, knew it had a major problem with water. In 2010, it partnered with local landowners and growers to launch a bold public/private partnership, the Community Water Dialogue, to solve the valley's water problems. Read more...

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