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How We Work With Companies

Ceres brings credibility, expertise, and more than twenty years of experience in moving the sustainability agenda.

The race is on to build a sustainable global economy, and the competition among companies to thrive – or fail – in this new business paradigm is fierce. For companies, it is a pivotal moment with enormous opportunity and challenge—a moment that demands excellence in corporate leadership, vision and innovation. Companies in the Ceres Network understand that environmental and social sustainability issues present risks for their business, and that to achieve competitive advantage they must integrate sustainability considerations into core business strategies and decision-making.

Ceres brings credibility, expertise, and a depth of experience in driving sustainability leadership and best practices. Ceres created The 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability, a detailed roadmap for integrating sustainability across the entire corporate enterprise—from the boardroom to the copy room, from supply chains to value chains.  Much more than a report, The Ceres Roadmap is the platform for how Ceres works with its corporate members.  To learn more about The Ceres Roadmap, view our visual "explainer."

Ceres has a distinguished track record of identifying and guiding companies through key sustainability challenges and opportunities. Ceres’ engagement with companies involves the following four core components of sustainability management.

Corporate Governance

Pillars of NYSE building.Ceres helps companies make the connection between sustainability and strong corporate governance practices, particularly the implications for strong management systems, accountability structures and future profitability. Learn more...

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders sitting around a table.Ceres convenes and directs credible and customized stakeholder engagement processes for member companies, resulting in better understanding of sustainability trends, risks and opportunities. Learn more...

Corporate Disclosure

Stack of reports.Ceres works with companies to improve their public disclosure of sustainability performance, strategy, and goals. Strong sustainability reporting is a prerequisite for demonstrating corporate accountability and is increasingly expected by investors, consumers and other external stakeholders. Learn more...

Sustainability Performance

corporate report and glassesUltimately, companies must achieve measurable performance improvements regarding environmental footprint and social impacts. Those that are most successful in this regard – both operationally and in their product offerings – will likely be the most successful financially. Learn more...

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